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Bringing consistency to changing behaviours

Miro is an intuitive online collaboration tool. In an age of remote working, it lets teams communicate, brainstorm and work together across time zones – without any geographical limitations. It’s like a whiteboard, but anyone can join in (and the Post-it notes never run out).

The brief

Miro had grown really big, really quickly. They had teams spread all over the world, all attempting to keep up with the brand’s meteoric rise. Now was the time to iron out any tiny lumps and bumps, and put guidelines in place that everyone would sign up to.
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The journey

A big team needs big team effort. So we ran a series of in-depth workshops with their creative branding departments. And working with designers, illustrators, developers and copywriters, we filtered out the inconsistencies that had crept into the brand, pulled out all the good bits and shelved whatever wasn’t working.
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The payoff

New rules, brand tweaks and clear signposting. We created a rock-solid set of online brand guidelines; a single reference point for all team members and external suppliers. Colours, typography, illustrations, icons, brand language… no more guessing games. One Miro; one brand.

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