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Brand and website for investment and savings app

True financial success comes from finding your Ikigai, or "reason for being." That's why they offer resources and tools to help you discover your passions and values and align your financial decisions with them.

The brief

The team contacted us to help them launch a new website and an updated brand. They wanted to dig deeper into the concept of Ikigai and the origami theme.
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The journey

We created a clean and modern brand that speaks to the original brand but also developed it further based on 'Ikigai' and the theme of origami. The team wanted to keep the Japanese Crane as the mark, which makes sense as it is a prominent symbol of good fortune and wealth in Japanese culture. We used angles and cuts that are commonplace when creating your own folded origami crane. This is a feature that is woven through the rest of the brand.
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The payoff

Overall, Ikigai has a solid foundation to build its business from here. A clean and intuitive website that segments its audience depending on if they're an investor or an advisor. With the app soon on the way, the future is bright for Ikigai.

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