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Icarus Brewing

Brand and Packaging Design for the New Jersey based Brewery

Brand Identity
Packaging Design

Icarus is one of New Jersey’s best-loved craft breweries. With product names like ‘Bang Kitty’, ‘Milkshaking It’ and ‘Hey! Take It Easy’, they’re the sort of client that’s not afraid of breaking a few rules. And we’ve been getting up to mischief with them since day one.

The brief

The client had a name, a half-built brewery and huge ambitions. Pretty much a blank page to scribble all over and have a load of fun with. Icarus wanted creativity, quirkiness, guts and glory. And 7 years later, we’re still delivering – by the barrelful.
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The journey

We started with the logo – the Icarus myth, the sun and the ocean. Something that felt established, that gave the overriding eccentricity of the brand some sturdy foundations. From that point on, it was no holds barred!
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The payoff

Pop culture, abstract humour and cult weirdness make for a heady brew. So far we’ve created identities for over 300 beers, bottles, cans, merchandise and vehicle wraps. The only rule? No rules. It’s the Icarus way, and we love it.

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From the client

We’ve been working with For Sure since 2016, from creating our Logo and brand guidelines to hundreds of bespoke can and bottle label designs. The distinctive label designs created by For Sure are vital to us as they provide us with distinct concepts which help us stand out in our market. The team can pull inspiration from his own sources, helping us remain brand leaders rather than followers. Working with For Sure always feels like a collaborative process to us as they take the time to make our beer names and concepts and turn them into something beautiful for our customers to view and appreciate.
Jason Goldstein, Founder & Head Brewer

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